Pixar Cars Diecast Price Guide and Checklist for Collectors and Sellers


Thank you for visiting our Pixar Cars Diecast Price Guide and Checklist website. We have created this site so other Pixar Car collectors and sellers can quickly find the most complete Pixar Car checklist as well as finding out the most up to date value of their Pixar diecast Cars.


Once you make your purchase, you will have access to the checklist and price guide. The prices will be updated frequently and will cover every Pixar Car made from all of the following series:


Desert - Series 1

Supercharged - Series 2

Mini Adventures

World of Cars (WOC) - Series 3

Race-O-Rama - Series 4

Storytellers Cars

Final Lap - Series 5

Cars 2

Take Flight

Radiator Springs Classics


Cars Toons 2

Disney Store 1:48 Scale


All Exclusive Cars by Wal-mart, Kmart, Toys r us, and Target

How We Determine Prices/Values

As avid collectors of Pixar Cars from the Desert series to present, we
were frustrated to keep up with the changing values of our collection. Since we were unable to find an up to date price guide, we decided to create one for our own use and for other collectors too. To come up with an accurate price/value of each car, we take note of what each
Pixar Car sells for on ebay, Amazon, and several other sites that sell Mattel diecast Pixar Cars.


We then determine a fair price range and a average sale/value price. We continually check the retailer's sites to see if there is movement in each car's price/value. Hopefully, this information will be helpful to both collectors and to sellers. As new cars, multi-packs, and series are released, we will add them to the guide.


***Please note - For the newer releases, we may not include the values until enough time goes by to get an accurate idea of value. We will list all of the new cars and planes so you have a checklist readily available. The values will be added to the newer releases as soon as it makes sense.***

Pixar Cars Diecast Price Guide and Checklist Offer!

Our Price Guide and Checklist Offer

For a one-time purchase of just $12.00, you will receive access to the complete checklist of all Pixar Cars made and the present value of each of the cars (updated frequently). It may be hard to believe, there are now over 1000 different Pixar Cars individual and multi-packs.


Next to the present value column we have a column that notes the present average retailers price range of every Mattel diecast Pixar Car made. The retailer's price range will be updated often. This will help you determine a fair buying price if you are looking to add new diecast Pixar Cars to your collection. We hope this information saves you a great deal of time and money.


If you are selling cars, the guide will give you an accurate price range to help you sell your cars more quickly.


To our knowledge, there is no other place on the net or in print that offers such an up to date listing. We think you will agree that $12 is a very fair price for all this information.


Click on the shopping cart link below. Once you place your order, you will receive your own password protected website which contains the checklist and price guide. Visit the site as often as you wish.


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If you order by mail, please include your email address so we can send you your own personal password so you can view the price guide and checklist.




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Sample Of What You Will See in our Price Guide/Checklist

Here is a small example of a few of the desert series cars from the price guide. Each series including movie moments, store exclusives, mult-pack sets, etc. will be seperated to make viewing easier for you.


Desert Series

Car's Name - New In Box Present Retailer's Price Range Present Value
Chick Hicks  $35 to $39 $37.00
Dinoco McQueen $ 8 to $13 $10.00
Dirt track McQueen (2006 Factory Sealed Set Only) $37 to $42 $40.00
DJ $25 to $29 $27.00
Doc Hudson $54 to $59 $57.00
Filmore  $24 to $29 $27.00
Fillmore $50 to $75 $65.00
Mater $ 7 to $12 $10.00 

The actual price guide has over 1000 prices and we add new cars as they are released. Become a Pixar Price Guide Member today!



We have been collecting diecast Pixar Cars since the first movie came out in 2006. Like most of you who have a passion about collecting, we visit our local Wal-Marts, K-Marts, Kohls, Targets, Toys-r-us, and ebay often hoping to find all of the latest releases including the especially hard to find ones.